Our brandnew GoPink!Cologne Website is online!
A Queer Trip Advisor for Cologne – produced and developed by  FUNKY FRIDA!

Urban Gardening XXL
“Gardening, Music, Lifestyle & Plantlove” – produced and developed by  FUNKY FRIDA!

TV TIP: October 10th,2018 German National TV

Mirko Klos can be seen while beeing on stage as Dada Peng and he introduces his  project “Superheroes fly ahead” Save the Date!

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New Cooperation

For our client www.palmenmann.de we translated the existing online shop into English and are planning an Urban Gardening Online Video Channel. For this we are currently looking for cooperation partners from the Youtube area.

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New Artist Websites

The Cologne Pride was a great success!
1.2 million people as guests in the city and a star contingent on the stages! Booking by FUNKY FRIDA!

Highlights of this years Booking for the Cologne Pride
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Proud Supporter
We produced a first trailer for the Project “Superheroes fly ahead”